Bringing Disney To You

Disney is a magical place and the smells from the food are pumped all around the Disney parks, especially Main Street. So it can be hard to resist. If you are anything like me and my other half, we always plan our dream vacation… mostly based on the food, by watching Disney food videos on YouTube. But unfortunately, a plane to Disney is quite expensive as opposed to buying the ingredients to make the food yourself. So without further or do here is a selection of recipes from starters to desserts, including my picks to recreate next week where I will report my success.


Mickey Mouse Beignets – Breakfast the most important part of the day can be dull and boring at times, so why not spice it up with Mickey Mouse Shaped Beignets.
See the recipe here;


Breakfast Pizza – Scrambled eggs on toast is one of the many Breakfast dishes, along with a good old fry up, or pizza left over from the night before. Well, Disney has sprinkled its magic and combined all three, yes that’s right three!
My first choice for my Disney day.
See the recipe here;



Sci-Fi Bacon Mac n Cheese – To be honest I don’t get what makes it Sci-Fi but it certainly does look delicious, doesn’t it? Cheese is the ultimate ingredient to make anything oozy and Instagramable.
See the recipe here;


Monte Christo Sandwich – Like I said cheese is the ultimate ingredient! As this is such as simple recipe, I am dying to try it!
See the recipe here;

monte cristo sandwich


Apple Pie Apples – Caramel Apples are something collected at Summer Fayres, to treat children to something special. There’s no reason why us adults can’t have a bit of fun too, Disney Style.
See the recipe here;


French Toast Loaf – Why have one when you can have a whole loaf! So of course with a family of 3 to feed this seems like a perfect treat to bake for my Disney Day.
See the recipe here;



Hot Chocolate – This seems like the ultimate sticky, sweet treat! There are many versions out there, but when it’s straight from the Disney Archives, you know it’s bound to be worth it.
See the recipe here;


Dole Whip – A Disneyland favorite amongst guests, this is one of the most talked about drinks at the Park. Seems easy to make, so why not give it a shot like me!
See the recipe here;


At the same time why not watch your favorite Disney Movie? Now you’ve got the perfect meal to accompany it.If you decide to make these wonderful recipes send them in and let us know what you did with them!

Come back next week when I attempt to make, Breakfast Pizza, Monte Cristo Sandwich, French Toast Loaf and Dole Whip!