Let’s talk about that Orphan Black finale…

– Caution:Spoilers! Do not read if you’ve not yet watched “To Right The Wrongs Of Many”-


Source: Giphy


First of all, I can’t believe it has been 5 years since we first saw Beth Childs step off the edge of the train platform for Sarah Manning to begin the journey of finding herself. Never did I think I’d get so attached to Tatiana Maslany’s portrayal of the sestra clones and never did I think I’d find myself crying when I heard Helena begin to read her story.

Especially when I didn’t expect it to be the end… So many questions unanswered, most importantly, Sarah had twins?! and why isn’t there more episodes… *Enter obsessive crying here*

Source: Giphy

Secondly… I feel like now the neolutionists have all gone, PT is dead and the Clone Club are all happy and together, there’s nothing left to grip onto in the way of Orphan Black, I feel like I’ve lost something in my life (I know I’m a bit sad) but really what are we going to do now it’s all done?!

So I actually started writing this a week ago, when I finished the episode, and it’s taken me until now to collect my thoughts.

It’s Sunday evening and my normal “Orphan Black hour” has been and gone and I am resisting the urge to start binge watching from the beginning again… but I don’t want to knowing that this is where it ends.

But have you heard the movie rumours?! YAAAAAAS Please!