True or False – Baking Myths Exposed

Photo by Mink Mingle on Unsplash

I love myself some baking; from cakes to cookies to savoury pastries, I’ll happily attempt them all (and eat them all haha). However baking does not always go as smoothly as you would have thought and it actually can be hard to do as each recipe is different. There are also uncertainties about whether you should eat raw cookie dough (it’s super tasty though!) and that ovens should always be preheated, but is this all true or just myths ready to be busted.

Check out some common baking myths below and see which are taking the cake.

Ovens need to be preheated: Truth

Ovens do need to be preheated before you bake your goods especially if you are working with yeast or baking powder as they need the heat to rise. Always check the instructions as each baked goods temperatures will be different, same with the oven.

Opening the oven door is OK when baking: False

If you open the oven door to have a quick peek and then close it again then that shouldn’t affect your cakes much, but if you keep it open for a long duration of time then it may cause your cake to sink so pay that in mind when you check on your baking next time.

Measuring cups are always accurate: False


Even though its sole purpose in life is to help you to get the exact amount of ingredients for your baking, but they aren’t always correct. A good idea would be to use a measuring cup and then weigh it on some kitchen scales just to be on the safe side.

Alcohol gets baked away in the oven: Truth

That’s right, but this does not mean you can pour in a whole bottle of wine or liquor as I’m sure you will still feel something. Approximately 50 percent of these alcohols will still remain and if you’re making a cake, even less than that will bake off due to its thick batter.

Baking is like cooking: False

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

Nope, they are actually fairly different; as baking requires precise measurements and the correct ingredients whilst cooking you can have fun and experience by adding anything that might make it take better.

Use margarine instead of butter when baking as it is healthier: Truth

While both margarine and butter are fairly similar in fat content and calories each have different textures and flavours so whether you use one or the other the results of your baked goods can change.

Baking soda and powder lasts forever: Truth

The baking soda will be around for a long time (your grandchildren will probably use it too) and the baking powder has a shelf life of about one year. Baking powder is used to make the cake rise as it contains acid which then created gas. If you happen to stumble across some expired baking powder it may have lost its effectiveness, so to double check to see if it is still strong just get a glass of water and put some baking powder in. If it starts to fizz and bubble immediately then it is good enough to be used.

And finally the cookie dough myth, can you eat it?: Truth/False


Well I guess this is a debatable one as I’m sure we have all dipped our finger into the cookie mixture to have a so called taste test and man was it tasty! But even so, there have been articles that say there is more risk of contracting salmonella from the raw egg in the cookie dough and not from the flour used as people might think. So, it pretty much rests with the person eating the raw cookie dough because if you’re not scared of the risks then it’s your decision to eat whatever you like. If you fancy some cookie dough though, then make sure to visit stores specialising in cookie dough mixes as they are mostly pasteurised meaning the chances of contracting salmonella would be lower.

Well I hope you enjoyed the article and that some of the questions you have about baking was answered! If you like baking and have some of your masterpieces to show me then please feel free to send me a message.

See you in the next one!

Stephanie ^^