Sonic Mania – Gotta play fast

I have always liked Sonic, I would never call myself a massive Sonic fan but I do like the Sonic series. When I found out Sonic Mania was coming out I was reasonably excited, when I found out the game would be £16 I was even more excited and when I realised I could play Sonic during work breaks I was ready to go fast.

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Sonic Mania is the love child of Christian Whitehead and Sega and is the latest instalment in the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. The game takes the series back to the origins of the blue blur in which you play through 12 zones: 8 classic zones that have been remixed for Sonic Mania and four original zones. The game gives you the option to play as Sonic, Tails and Knuckles and even play as Sonic and Tails. The game features many modes such as time trials and competitive mode.

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Mania mode is the games biggest mode and is where you go through the 12 zones sequentially. You can pick from either Sonic, Tails or Knuckles and even pick Sonic and Tails for either a single player buddy or for couch coop fun with friends.

Sonic Mania is, in  a word classic. It’s a classic return to the series that’s fun to play. Getting straight back into classic green hill zone and then doing chemical plant zone just made me feel nostalgic for my previous sonic adventures. The games levels also include some fun Mini-games that you can play to take a break from normal Sonic game play. The game also has some of my favourite bosses in video games to date. It even has a CRT mode for those who prefer the classic visuals or just find pixel art a bit to sharp, this takes your eyes away from it.

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I played the game on my Nintendo Switch and my biggest issue with the game are issues tied to the Switch port specifically: I’ve had a time where my game music abruptly stopped looping and I’ve also often had glitches with the home menu and print screen button not loading, however Christian Whitehead already tweeted they’re working on patches so this shouldn’t be an issue for much longer.

If you’re looking for a new sonic experience then this might be where the game falls a little, Sonic Mania is classic sonic distilled to it’s purist but it doesn’t offer anything exciting or super brand new for the franchise outside of some level designs, new stages and some new options for play. People after a brand new Sonic experience will be more excited about the upcoming Sonic Forces. The fact the game doesn’t bring anything super new to the table isn’t an inherently bad thing however, this game has been tailor made for Sonic fans who just want classic Sonic with all the bells and whistles and that’s kind of the point.

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To conclude, Sonic Mania is a fantastic package for £16. Mania mode alone makes it worth that money but then you also get competitive mode and time trials. Sonic fans through and through will adore this game but for those of you who aren’t huge on classic Sonic you might not enjoy this package as it doesn’t offer anything super brand new, people who haven’t played a Sonic game however will find this game a great starting point in the series. I personally rate this game an 8.8/10.

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