Top 5 Films; To Make You Smile

During any big life change, we all have that one movie we go to cheers us up. We either cry and smile or we just laugh the pain away until it puts us in a better mood. So without further or do here is my Top films to help you feel better, starting from 5 to 1.

5. Storks


Have you ever watched a film and thought, wow that’s stupid…well this film does exactly that and acknowledges it. From the trailer, you can see this is about a boy requesting a baby brother and then a storks mission to deliver “the package” so they can go back to their normal lives. Throughout the film, it points out the flaws in it despite it being an animation to Wolfs forming a “Wolf Boat” to a chimney collapsing with just one swing of a hammer.  With a winning cast of Andy Samberg (Junior), Katie Crown (Tulip), Jennifer Aniston (The mum) and Ty Burrel, this film just can’t go wrong.

4. Beauty & The Beast


An absolute classic! I couldn’t not include at least one Disney movie on this list. For those who don’t know this is the 1991 Original Beauty & The Beast, a film about Belle who is the daughter of an inventor who gets caught seeking shelter in the beast’s castle but then trades her life for his. Every song will get you singing and you soon forget your troubles, when the drama to the pure Disney magic (Plus the library scene alone is one to dream about!). Voiced by Paige O’Hara (Belle), Angela Lansbury (Mrs. Potts), Robby Benson (The Beast), Rex Everhart (Belle’s Father).

Although this still would have been a great alternative…


3. La La Land


Ahh what to say about this film, when there is a word count… basically it is beyond beautiful and the soundtrack alone is genius. For any musical geek, this is a must and includes so many musical history references such as Sound of Music to Singing in the Rain! And if that doesn’t get you, then this film won 5 Oscars and stars Emma Stone (Mia) & Ryan Gosling (Sebastian).

Fun fact; Ryan learned the piano specifically for this movie, in order for it to be more realistic and add to the movie magic.

2. Tangled


Of course, it’s another Disney film. Meet Flynn Ryder (Zackary Levi) being blackmailed so he can get his crown back and Rapunzel (Mandy Moore) on a quest to see the floating lights by whatever means necessary. It’s a twist on a classic that is bound to get you crying/ singing along and smiling in no time, with one scene in particular that will just make you shed a tear it’s so stunning (you’ll know if you’ve seen).

1. Lilo & Stitch 


A fish that controls the weather and the best sister in world (#SisterGoals) star in a classic Disney film that teaches you the meaning of Ohana and the brilliance of Elvis Presley. And by the end of it, you’ll be like the rest of us wondering how to get to Disney World and get a hug from real life Stitch (Totally not my dream at all…). Voiced by Tia Carrere (Nani), Chris Sanders (Stitch) and Daveigh Chase (Lilo).

That concludes my Top 5 films to make you smile. Do you agree with my list or do you have other favorites, let us know! Now what are you waiting for… go watch them already as it stands I’m about to rewatch La La Land myself.