Before I Go To Sleep (2014)


Never judge a book by it’s cover, and certainly never ever judge a film by its book.

The novel, an ensnaring linguistic masterpiece that leaves readers gasping for more, a tale so sweet and mind capturing the pages are turned quicker than a Cheetah on C9H13N.

The film, however, a monstrosity of vision. A jumbled mismatch of chapters from a book that have been modernised and no longer make conclusive sense. A concoction of unviable nonsense that leaves the audience turning off quicker than C12H22O11 leaving the body of a lactose intolerant.

A faultless cast however, with Nicole Kidman as the antagonist. She captures the beauty and innocence, as well as the fear of the amnesic, Christine Lucas, as she learns that every time she falls asleep, she will wake up thinking she’s still in her twenties and remember nothing after a horrific accident she encountered.

Mark Strong, coming out of his comfort zone and not playing yet another action packed role but this time as a trusty doctor that Christine confides in, to which the plot twist sees Christine turn on him in a rash moment.

Another Kingsman star makes an appearance, Colin Firth takes the role of Ben, Christine’s husband. Being the first face Christine learns to trust the audience begin to sense comfort with his character. Until Christine starts to remember things and starts to suspect all is not right. A quick google search and a peak at the IMDb cast list will ruin not only this suspicion, but pretty much the whole film.

“My name is Christine Lucas and I’m an amnesiac. Tonight, as I sleep my mind will erase everything I know today.”

Before I go to sleep had the potential to be a significant contender in the runnings of the best movies of 2014, but when placed against the brilliance of titles such as Gone Girl and Nightcrawler, it’s easy to see why this film flopped, with a run time of just under an hour and a half, it would have been worth extending it to the length to some of the other cinematic releases of the year. It’s a disappointment that time restrictions and unrealistic and unnecessary product placement caused this movie to be one of the more disappointing book adaptations.