Things you’ll know to be true if you’ve ever worked in fast food

You NEVER leave on time. Unless you are one of those people that can walk away with no guilty conscious, you will never leave on time.


Your break consists of stuffing down food with one hand and dealing with an issue with the other hand. Every shift has a new set of dilemmas, which will in turn affect your break time. If you manage to have a break, it is 30 or so minutes of heaven until you enter french fry hell again.

You will always have to deal with a customer that says “you’ve just lost a regular” who is most likely not even a regular, and will still most likely come back to get their fast food fix. So, it’s okay. Smile and just listen.


The experiences will haunt your dreams even years after you have left. You know that annoying beeping of the vats? Yeah, they’ll creep up every so often.

There’s a smug moment when someone asks to speak to the manager and you are the manager.


You have to deal with the moany parents when they have to tell their kids the shake machine is broken AGAIN. Sorry guys, the shake machine is just not that cooperative to us workers.


Whether it be an open, day, lunch, dinner/close, or overnight, you will forever want to kill the workers on the previous shift.

Your customer service voice is entirely different to the voice you hold in the office when you scream, shout and laugh off all the problems in the things store.


However, although it makes you want to rip your hair out and scream at the top of your lungs, the job does also give you some amazing memories. Whether it be the stupid things some of the crew do, or the craziest things customers say or the one shift everything actually ran so smoothly it was fun! It’s a job that you learn to love and hate at the same time. It’s a job that gives you many experiences.