Bathbomb; Hawaiian Sunset – Prettysuds

I know I promise there wouldn’t be anymore Prettysuds bathbomb reviews for a while, but… I’m waiting for my other bathbombs to arrive in the post! So whilst we (mainly me) wait patiently for the next time the postman rings my door (his name is Simon, he’s lovely!) enjoy this weeks bathbomb! The Hawaiian Sunset!


So this is more of an egg shaped bathbomb, bathegg? But it’s still super cute! (Prettysuds actually sell mini versions of these in a cute pack of six that actually come in an eggbox!) I really like the design of this egg as it looks very much like a marble design, some might even say it’s … marbleous… *enter no laughs here*

The colours in the design are stand alone in themselves but when the product is fully fizzed it makes this, peachy toned water! I like to think it’s very “Red sky at night, sheppards delight” and that’s exactly what it is, for me the colours completely overpower everything else about the bath-bomb.


(Excuse my hand and shadow)

Moving on to another key factor in a bathbomb, smell! I don’t know if it’s me, as I actually have a virus at the moment, but I can’t actually smell the product too much? (Note; I asked my boyfriend to smell and he said it smelt “fruity but I’m not sure which particular fruit, kinda tropical”)

Unlike most Prettysuds bathbombs I’m surprised this one doesn’t smell as strongly, as they normally really fill the room, who knows what happened this time around!


Prettysuds don’t actually sell this one anymore 😦 but they do sell the normal shaped one for £2.95! You can also get the “Sunny side up mini egg packs here for £4.95!)