5 Netflix Anime recommendations

I know I recently did a top 6 anime from 2017, but there were some shows on that list from all my services that I felt like I missed out on. So I’m going to start my general recommendations with a Netflix recommendation.

Honorable mention: Blame!

I recommend watching Blame! I haven’t added it to this list because it was in my last recommendations article.

5 – Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

Do you like Mecha? Do you like Rebellions? Do you like political stores? Well then this is the show for you, did I mention it has super powers sprinkled in there? Code Geass is honestly one of my favorite shows: it’s over the top, melodramatic and still awesome.

In terms of plot, it’s very straight forward: Lelouch is an exiled prince living in hiding from his totalitarian empire, one day he gets caught up with terrorists and a mysterious girl who grants him the power of Geass. From this day on he sets out to destroy his empire for the sake of his sister.

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4 – Death Note

Killer notebooks and gods of death? You’re already searching it aren’t you…

This show is honestly amazing. It’s tense, thrilling and one of the most moral compasses destroying shows I’ve ever seen. It’s a fantastic thriller. I honestly can’t say too much about this show because it simply needs to be experienced.

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3 – Fate/Stay Night – Unlimited Blade Works

Ever wondered what would happen if you took the heroes of legend from history and fables and made them fight each other? Fate/Stay Night is all about that, 7 Magus get 7 Heroic spirits to fight in a great event: The Holy Grail War. Unlimited Blade Works is a fantastic exciting adventure that will leave you on the edge of your seat whilst you work out will win the Holy Grail war, or worse. Whom you want to win. The animation for this show also gets a note, done by my favorite animation studio Ufotable. Honestly just look at the Gif.

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2 – Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

One of the few box sets I own, this show is honestly fantastic. From Vic Mignogna’s amazing performance of Edward Elric to Travis Willingham’s Roy Mustang this show is amazing. In a word of Alchemy, everything you want to make must have an equivalent offer made, but what is the offer for a Human life? Edward and Alphonse Elric try to work this out, but it costs them dearly, the show follows their struggle to return their bodies to normal. Full Metal Alchemist was a binge that got me through college, it’s emotional, personal and sometimes blood-curdling.

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1 – Ajin: Demi Human

Ajin is… stellar. Based off the manga of the same name and animated by the fantastic Polygon Pictures, Ajin is a story about… the Ajin. Ajin are Demi Humans with multiple powers: They can never die, they can paralyze humans and they have the ability to create Shadow monsters to do their bidding. Unsurprisingly; they are hunted, collected and tortured for research purchases. Our protagonist one day finds out he is indeed an Ajin and very quickly has to start his life on the run. But as this begins, he runs into the elusive Mr. Sato.

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This show is fantastic, it’s exciting and above all, it’s something you can’t put down. There are no characters in this show that feel redundant, there is no moment that feels unnecessary and Mr. Sato might be my favorite villain in all of anime history (I had to think about that a lot) because he is so much fun to watch. Whenever he’s on the screen he owns it, whenever he’s moving you feel the anticipation, honestly I want to recommend this show to people for Mr. Sato alone. However, the entire show is good so it makes it worth watching. At some point, I need to do an in-depth review and discussion on this show but that will be on the rewatch I’m avoiding right now because I don’t have the time to give this show to again. I can’t recommend this show enough, even to non-anime fans. The shows biggest flaw which is similar to Blame! is because it’s done my Polygon pictures it’s 3DCG Anime, but honestly, it’s so well done I personally don’t see it as a negative.

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These are the top 5 shows I’m recommending on Netflix, there are loads more like Gurren Lagann and Elfen Lied but I wanted to get the shows I’ve been wanting to scream out off my chest. I hope you enjoyed and if you felt I was missing a show or disagreed with one then please tweet to us!