Things You Only Understand As An Aunt

You are in love with a little human being more than you could have ever imagined (bar your own children, of course).

You act as their protector to ensure they don’t make the same mistakes you now regret making.

You are overjoyed when they leap forward to you, maybe even with a cute nickname for you.

You spoil the little soul as much as you can, without a second thought.

The gross things that would have cringed you out in the past barely affect you anymore. Vomit on your clothes? No problem!

Saying goodbye to them lasts 20-30 minutes.

You video call your siblings far more just to speak to your niece/nephew

You bring them up in almost every conversation you have, even having a new picture to show every time

Your phone is full of their cute little face

Every tiny little thing they do is adorable, cute, funny and AMAZING!

They make even the saddest of days the happiest.

You cannot wait for the day you have your own.