The Addams Family Musical (Tour 2017): Review

Last week I went to the WMC (Wales Millennium Centre) in Cardiff to see The Addams Family; A Musical Comedy.
The show was no other than spectacular, with characters based on Charles Addams's single-panelled gag cartoons, and music and lyrics by Andrew Lippa alongside Marshall Brickman and Rick Elice's writing for the book.


The show tells the story of how Wednesday Addams (who is the oldest sibling in this version of the family) is in love with a boy from a very respectable family. The Addams are known for their kookiness and so it is questionable from the beginning whether the two families would get along well.

Samantha Womack, Les Dennis and Carrie Hope Fletcher are just a few names of the very talented cast.

I was impressed with Womack's performance as Morticia Addams. She has the dark, mysterious aura about her which makes Morticia the attractive woman that she is known for, yet somehow Womack kept the motherly touch Morticia needs for her children. In all honesty, I wasn't expecting much on the singing part, but Womack pulled that out of the bag too! A wonderful performance on her part.

Uncle Fester is odd ball who is Gomez's brother. The role also narrates the show for the audience, which breaks the fourth wall. Fester was portrayed by Les Dennis, and personally I felt he did a great job! The character needed to have that little bit of warmth in his heart compared to the rest of the family, and I think Dennis showed this beautifully, especially (SPOILER ALERT!!) when he falls in love with the moon! He was funny, charismatic and overall his performance as Fester was very enjoyable.

Carrie Hope Fletcher portrayed the role of Wednesday Addams. I had no doubt she'd do well as the princess of darkness herself. After all, there are many videos of her singing "Pulled" on YouTube, proving she can hit those notes (effortlessly too!). Fletcher nailed the Wednesday-esque, "bad girl" attitude and it was wonderful to see the obvious contrast between her and her love interest (Lucas Beineke). We see Wednesday in a completely different light in this version of The Addams Family, and Fletcher was able to perform the obvious self conflict Wednesday has in the show, without struggle! A brilliant performance.

Of course the Ensemble get a shout out. The Ancestors of the Addams Family were incredible! They leaped, they Tangoed, they ballet danced.. The dancing was phenomenal – I've never seen movements so sharp and synchronised before! The acting was amazing on all parts, and the jokes were perfectly timed. I know that just as much work goes into being an ensemble member, if not more than if you were a lead role, but the cast really did ace it and I believe they really did bring the show together.

Although all these people were incredible to watch, there's one person who was my absolute favourite. Cameron Blakely.

Cameron Blakely played the role of Gomez Addams, and my gosh what a performance! You know that one friend who's over flamboyant but you love them to pieces? That's Gomez in this production. It worked extremely well and the jokes rolled off the tongue and into the audiences' ears like music, and they were absolutely hilarious – He was hilarious in general. I've always seen Gomez as that over caring father who means well but ends up getting it all wrong, and Blakely portrayed that perfectly. I doubt I'll ever see a performance of Gomez Addams that brilliant again.

Honestly everyone in this production was amazing and they're all extremely talented, and quite honestly I could go on and on but I really don't want to bore you haha!

I do however have to mention the amazing Charlotte Page who played Alice Beineke (Lucas's mother). What a voice!

Also the design and costumes were incredible, so thanks Diego Pitarch for letting my eyes be blessed by the beautiful colours. My personal favourite was Wednesday's corset but I also loved Pugsley's clothing. (seriously I'd wear them myself!) Also the set was absolutely fantastic, it worked so well with the scene changes. Oh! And the sound and lighting and… (I'm gonna stop myself because I will be up all night otherwise, but you can kinda guess where I'm going with this!)

Overall this show was everything I dreamed it would be and more. The songs were epic (I legit only went for the end harmony in "Full Disclosure" because it's so beautiful, and I may or may not have sobbed when I heard it performed live). The story line was easy to follow and enjoyable, and you got a taste of your favourite spooky, gothic, weirdly wonderful family! I even bought a t-shirt! What more can I say?

Go and see this show!! There are still dates available, check it out! -> The Addams Family <-

Personal Rating: 5/5

Anyway, thanks for reading guys!

This is me, signing off!