Red and black smokey eye!

This week, I decided to try out a smokey eye look as I’d never done a smokey eye before! The products I used were mostly drugstore so this look is also affordable!

First off, I began with the eyes as a smokey eye is a messy look that can result in quite a bit of fallout, so starting with the shadow allows you to brush away any excess shadow before putting the rest of your makeup on. I start off by choosing the colour I want to go alongside black in the look and choose a colour similar to it. I used the palette below:
And chose this colour to go alongside the main colour:

With this colour and a fluffy blending brush, I picked up minimal product and tapped it on the palette lid a little and began to blend the colour just above my natural eyelid crease for the transition colour. The trick with this first step is to use as little product on your brush as possible and blend it above your crease with a light hand, patience is key.

Once I was happy with the way the transition colour looked, I picked up a flat brush and began to pack my main colour onto my lid, the colour I chose was from the same palette:

For this step, it doesn’t matter if the shadow is slightly messy as it’ll be blended into the rest of the colours as we move along. Once the colour was packed all over the lid, I went back to my fluffy brush and, without picking up more product and just using whatever was left, I began to blend the two colours on my lid together, taking care not to bring the transition colour down any further from where it was. Once the two colours blended nicely together at my crease, I moved onto the next colour which was similar to my primary lid colour but slightly darker:

I applied this colour to the outer half of my lid with my flat brush and then picked up a bigger and clean fluffy brush and began blending where the colours met each other in the centre of my lid and crease. Once I was happy with the blend, I moved onto the next colour to begin smoking out the eye:

With a dark brown, I began to build up the darker portion of the smokey eye using a small, pointed blending brush. For this part, it’s important to be patient and take your time because using too much product at this stage could cause you to start over again. Build up the colour a little bit at a time on the outer third of your lid and blend the colours together into a transition between the three shades onto the lid. I also then blended the darker shade up onto the transition shade with a clean fluffy brush to smoke it out. Once I was happy that it was blended enough, I picked up the small pointed brush again and began to put black shadow onto my lid:

I placed the black on the same area as the dark brown and began to blend the colour out again, placing little bits at a time and blending those out before adding more colour until I was happy with how it looked. Once that was achieved, I picked up the flat brush again and began to pack on my main colour once again to the first third of my lid as the colour may have been lost in the blending, and use the flat brush to sweep some of the colour into the darker part of the lid to blend the colours further.

Finally, once I was happy with the way the colours looked, I added eyeliner to the look:

For the eyeliner, I added some on top of the black shadow to define the colour further and blended it out using the double ended brush that came with the liner as well as an angled blending brush. I then added a small line of liner to my lid and down to my tear duct, pointing it past the duct a little bit. I also put eyeliner in my top and bottom waterline to add drama to the look. I left mascara and underneath my eyes until the end so that the foundation wouldn’t cover them up.

I then finished the look off with my usual foundation, powder, contour and highlight and added some dark red lippie to complete the look before putting on my favourite mascara and a pair of lashes!

That completes this little step by step of how I achieved this smoked out eye look! I hope you enjoyed reading and that’s me signing out!

Stay beautiful, lovelies!

Jamie xo