Dodie Clark ‘You’ EP – 2017

Music is something that follows us wherever we go, from lifts to shop radios. It’s everywhere. Every now and again a new artist will emerge from hiding to reveal what secrets they’ve been working on. It’s then our choice whether or not we listen. Now everyone has their own tastes, some only liking New Modern Pop played in the UK Top 40 Charts and others liking more indie artists.


Just 22, Dodie Clark is a YouTuber (with her 1.2 million subscribers!) by career and musician by trade, getting ready to set out on her sold out tour. She writes from the heart having her baritone uke as an accomplice. Her songs are all mostly acoustic driven and about being the one that understands above the rest. Her EP ‘You’ was released 11 August 2017 and is already 3rd on the iTunes album chart.

Need more? Then let’s break down this EP focusing on 4 tracks from this 6 track EP.

  1. The Middle – It starts rather odd, I admit. Reminded me of a horse trotting and someone playing spoons on their leg. It’s a song that constantly keeps you guessing despite its simplicity. There’s a want to sing along despite not knowing the words. When the chorus comes in, you’re just waiting for that drop but are caught off guard (especially after the bridge) when the vocals are layered on top of each other to create a crowd singing effect. It’s possible this is done on purpose as the impression it gives off is it’s all about being the odd one out/ or caught in the middle, hence the title.
  2. 6/10 – You can feel the vulnerability throughout this song (the strings add to this). At first, it sounds like a story about someone else, but upon looking at the lyrics it’s more about hiding about how you feel yet wanting someone to understand. When you tell someone you’re okay because you don’t want to be a burden on anyone else. The beat doesn’t come from drums, it’s the piano and the harmonies behind that drives this song. When it comes to the overlap in vocals it makes me think it’s meant to represent the voices that go on inside your head, aiming to stop you speaking out.
  3. Instrumental – To any Dodie fan, it’s no hidden truth of Dodie’s Lala Land obsession. From the number of times she saw it, the covers she uploaded (‘Someone’s in the Crowd’ & ‘City of Stars’) to even receiving signed poster from the writers themselves. It’s easy to see the resemblance in this break of the EP, almost like an interlude. C0Rx2NTXgAAvKnz(source;
  4. Secret For The Mad – A song that acts as a comforting friend that you may have not known was needed. It’s the perfect song to listen to when you’re feeling down because it wants to understand and pick you back up. It’s the most stripped back song out of the entire EP, using only harmonies and a single piano throughout. It adds to that feeling of vulnerability sent out.

Personally, the layout alone is one of my favourite things just because of how well it flows from one song to the next. I also love how you could listen to this with any state of mind and instantly feel better. It’s definitely an EP that can get you singing once again. (I’ll let you in on a secret… I’m already obsessed as I can’t stop pressing play!)

Want more facts about each song from the artist herself? Watch the video below and let us know what you think. Do you love it, hate it or think she has written better music in the past?