Struggles That Are Way Too Real For Short People

Being the short one in my group of friend’s I have gained the beloved nickname ‘Gnome’ due to my short stature. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike being short as it does have its perks (watch this space for a future article!) but sometimes it is a struggle to do normal things compared to those with longer body parts.

Which is why I have created this short list (no pun intended) for those who never get to experience these not-so-small problems.

The ‘human arm rest’:

Why do people think it is super funny to rest their heavy arms on top of our head? We’re already short enough as it is without the extra weight thank youuuuu!

Being at the front for every picture:


In pictures I prefer to be as hidden as possible (unless it’s a selfie of course!) but due to my shortness I am usually shoved right at the front making me feel a bit vulnerable.

People calling you ‘cute’ and ‘adorable’:

Whenever I try to be serious in certain situations it always seems to backfire with people calling me ‘cute’ and ‘sweet’ which is not what I was trying to achieve! Try and take me seriously sometimes pleaseeeee, but also thanks for the compliment J.

Short legs aren’t made for fast walking:

Walking along side people with long legs can feel like I’m going for a job as my short stumpy legs just can’t keep up! I have to force them to walk fast ending up with me huffing and puffing like I’ve just ran a marathon.

Clothes shopping is a pain:


Trying to find the perfect fitting jeans or trousers is like finding a needle in a haystack. Either the fit is perfect but the length is too long or the other way around. Usually it leads to buying a regular length and then rolling up the bottoms which I am not a fan.

Not being noticed by taller people:

It is a strange thing when people get surprised when they don’t notice you until you say something when in fact you’ve been standing next to them the whole time. Have we learnt how to become invisible or something?

Sitting behind a tall person during events:

Photo by Jake Hills on Unsplash

Whether it’s at the cinema or in a class you would always want to have a seat where you can see clearly in front of you without any obstructions. But luck is not always on your side and you end up having to lean to the sides just to see around their head.

Suffocating group hugs:

I love hugs, they’re nice. But massive group hugs with taller people? Good, but just don’t have me in the middle as I would just have a face full of everything smothering me with affection.

Being mistaken for a child or teenager:

This tends to happen when I want to go out and have fun with friends and because I am around everyone has to show their ID’s. But hey, at least I don’t get IDed for watching certificate 15 films anymore right?

And there you have it, a short but sweet list of things I struggle with as a short girl! Even though I may be small I am happy with my height as short girls have some awesome advantages too!

Have you got any other struggles that I may have missed out? Comment and let me know, I love to read them!

Thank you for reading and I’ll see you in the next one.

Stephanie ^^