A Guide To A Perfect Mental Break

Everyone needs a break every now and again. Life can leave you overworked, stressed, tired and anything else, and when that happens it is good to take a step back and just take a few days out from the scheduled chaos to just find your footing again.

Personally for me nature is a breath of fresh air… literally. I often over think leaving me to worry about everything to the small things like I’m not writing in the right font to where the heck am I going to be in 5 years etc.

I had just finished an internship, graduated from University and in the process of moving out of my University home, so was at a time where I was everything above. I felt like if I could just have a couple of days break then I could refresh and start again. I knew I had a break coming up and urge that if anyone does feel like this then you should take some time to start again. That’s why I’m writing this, for those who need it, you can learn from what I’ve done and put your own spin on things. Whether that is finding somethings to do in your local area, hiding away for a few days just to refresh or meeting/ staying with a friend, it should help as it’s a break from usual life.

I was invited to be a part of an already planned holiday with my other half and his parents up in the Lake District, Cumbria. After a long but rewarding 7 hour car journey we arrived to a fairytale white cottage with a friendly neighbour cat outside. Nature was apparently waiting to greet us as we pulled into  our designated parking space. Upon exploring we had our own T.A.R.D.I.S house, small on the outside but inside packed with hidden rooms and treasures such as a sitting room (named The Gandalf room due to it’s grey hue)  behind a bookcase door.

Our first night was that of quiet one. After exploring the village and picking up some local pizzas, we stayed in and passed out on the sofa. Due to the traveling we were all rather tired, so we turned off for the night.

Day Two was cooked breakfast and the decision to tackle one of the many local 5 mile walks. As many walks start everyone was filled with energy and feeling good that they were outside doing exercise rather then stuck indoors, that soon turned to more curiousity and entirege about what was around. I myself was caught in my lense, capturing every good angle I could see. All so I could keep the memories alive after the holiday had passed. We walked across, up, down and occasionally diagonally down a hill, covering all the usual common directions. Once we reached Coniston lake we all stopped to take in the beauty, sitting on the edge of a wooden dock. To people who know me it’s no secret that when I’m around water, I instantly let go and listen. Waves crashing against each other as they reached the shore is a sound that instantly lulls me. After grabbing food we were back within 4 hours, it was then Chili and resting ready to welcome Day Three.

Day Three was a Sunday. Most Sundays are lazy regardless of where we are. Usually we find ourselves eating Roast Dinner and relaxing. And that’s pretty much what we did too.

Day Four was one that presented us with the best weather, with that we walked to the pier and hired a boat for two hours to surf the open waves. After getting out in the reservoir, past the wind surfers I was able to take my turn driving the boat. I will say that there is something comforting about forgetting your troubles and just bobbing out in the open, yet having complete control over the vessel. Then myself and my partner decided it was our turn to cook for everyone. This is where I started to return to my slightly overthinking self worrying people wouldn’t like the food, it went down well. Serving tomato chicken, rice and salad.

Day Four & Day Five were my favourite of the holiday as these were two of the most packed days. I hadn’t ridden a quad bike since I was at least 10, so it was now time to change that. We went as a group across fields and up a gorgeous mountain where I bared witness to a tiny Grey fox sleeping. The view was extraordinary with mountains and fields stretching for miles and even just seeing the mist of Scotland (the instructor told me we were 16 miles away). As we finished midday we then tackled another 3 mile walk up a mountain, only to find a hidden blue glistening lake.

The rest of the days were filled with rain and danger warnings so we stayed inside the cottage and wandered the remainder of the town. I with my book and perfect window seat and my partner occupied with writing down inspiration filled ideas. And when Friday came (Day 9) we had a long travel filled journey ahead of us.

As holidays go this was one of my finest and one that will be hard to forget or top, I had both incredible food and  company. Some nights we’d bust out the cards and Jenga and others were left to close eyes in front of the TV. It was perfect break away from reality that sadly had to come to an end at some point but a laugh was never far away.

To wrap up here are some more highlights of the trip.