Bathbomb; Lush – Green coconut jelly bomb

I tried explaining this bomb to my best friend and let’s say, it didn’t make her want to run to Lush to get one… my skin however, is screaming for me to go get another!


Not as unsettling as the GelliBaff they sell for kids (naturally designed for more fun than relaxation due to its target consumer) but still quite an unusual bath experience. Turning your bath water into a jelly like texture… yup… exactly?! What?!

The bath bomb itself is really large and smells really strong, personally I don’t like coconut much but I know it’s brilliant for your skin and hair. The scent also stays in the room quite well, but really the smell isn’t the thing your mind is on when you’re relaxing with the bomb.


I tried taking photos of what the jelly was like, but they really didn’t come out very well because it wasn’t thick, it was more similar to the texture of runny soup (sorry.) Although, in all honesty it wasn’t initially the most pleasant texture, it is something that did make me relax and I would 100% buy another! – I know this makes me sound like I like bathing in food, I really don’t… promise 😉.

Its actually made from seaweed extract which I find really cool, and kinda gross at the same time… but I think it really works as a product and I hope to see more products similar to this one in the future!

You can purchase this bath bomb here for £4.95! Something to accompany your bath too is music! My musical suggestion for this bathtime treat is the Moana soundtrack (Obviously, cause I’ve been going on about Moana so much recently! Check out my review of Moana here!) you can listen to it here! (SOOOOO many links, I’m sorry!)

This jelly bomb really is something spectacular, and my favourite part, like all Lush products! It’s 100% cruelty free! 🐰