Tricking Yourself To Sleep

We have all suffered from that night when you are unable to sleep, regardless of how much you toss and turn. It also ends up being the night you have an early start, an exam or even an important meeting/event.  I am myself a ever lasting insomniac, and have suffered from these restless nights more than I can list. Therefore, I thought I would impart some wisdom of how you could trick yourself into feeling tired and eventually falling asleep.

Have a shower
This may not work for everyone, as I know most people have showers to wake up, but for some this is the perfect way to feel tired. A nice warm shower relaxes your body and allows it shut down, and so when you hit your pillow you are able to doze off. But it has to be warm! Have a cold one and your body will definitely be a lot more awake! Another thing that works alongside this is having fresh sheets on, as your body will feel comfortable and relaxed in new clean sheets.


Warm drink
I know, I know, this sounds very childlike advice. But, honestly, this works! It doesn’t have to be warm milk, it could be hot chocolate, tea (though not always the best) or even soup! Warm milk seems to make your body feel like it’s at home and will relax and slowly shut down.


Use your imagination
You know how they say count sheep? Well this is kind of the same thing, except you don’t count sheep, you imagine a very relaxing scenario. This could be a place of joy, a future life you wish to have, or even your happy place. Just imagine this, every detail, and eventually your mind will feel relaxed and you will find yourself dozing off into dreamland.


This is a method that most therapists suggest to insomnias mainly, but it can be used by anyone. Mindfulness involves the individual to ground themselves. I think it is now common knowledge that most sleepless nights are due to having a thousand thoughts racing through our mind, which can cause restlessness or stress. In order to stop this you need to get your thoughts to slowly stop, this can be done through the mindfulness technique. Click here for an example of the sort of things they tell you to do when carrying out this mindfulness.


Put away all your gadgets!
Our phones, laptops, tablets etc. all give away radiation which can in fact affect our sleep! One of the recommendations I was given for my insomnia was to put away all my gadgets as far from me as possible, this reduces the radiation as well as stops me from going on any of them when I am unable to sleep, which then puts me in a cycle of not being able to sleep even more! I know, many of you are thinking ” what will I do without my phone acting as my alarm? ” Well, if anything, this is even better to get you out of bed, as the alarm will force you to leave your bed in order to turn it off, which in turn will wake you up more! Therefore, it is a win-win situation!


Don’t move
Literally, don’t move. Get yourself in the most comfortable position you can, silence your phone and close your eyes. Then don’t move at all, no matter how tempted you are, just don’t! If you do this, your body will then be tricked into shutting down, and so you will fall asleep! This is one of the most simplest, and effective method I have found to trick myself asleep. It is also good if you wanted a quick power nap.


Tell yourself you aren’t tired
Have you ever had a conversation with a friend and they ask you if you’re tired and you say no? Then literally moments later you are knocked out? Well this is exactly that! Tell yourself, or whoever you may be talking to, that you are not tired. Even try tell your body to stay awake, and you will find yourself even more tired! This technique doesn’t always work for everyone, but the ones it does work for, it works like a dream!


So, these are just a few ideas from me. The most important thing of all is working out what is best for you, then getting into a routine of doing this so your body eventually falls into the habit of doing it automatically! Of course, if you guys have any other ideas, please do let me know! As it would not only help me massively, but I am sure other people would appreciate it too!