It’s International Cat Day!!!

So Christmas has come early in the form of cats! Today is international cat day and our team at WWW. would like to take a minute to appreciate our cats and let you all know one reason we love our cats! Because lets face it… who doesn’t love cats!?

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So, meet our feline team!

Lionel – Sammeh’s cat. 


I’ll start with my own little buddy and the reason I love him (and all – yes all – other cats) is because he’s basically me in cat form, he sleeps a lot, he’s always hungry and cries for attention quite a lot of the time. He’s also cuddly and super friendly so will always meow at people (mainly for food and cuddles) he’s also pretty stupid, but hey… he’s a cat.

Atifa doesn’t actually have any cats but she adds that Lionel is cute and fluffy and loves cuddles and sitting with us when we work!

Gizzmo – Jac’s cat. 


Aw look at this little fluffy! So this is Gizzmo, Jac’s cat and he’s also dumb, like Lionel… I think it’s a cat thing… He loves him because he’s a little companion and is always there if no-one else is around. Cutie!

Phoebe and Nibby – Stephanie’s (Well, her boyfriend Rob’s) cats! 


So these cats to me look like speech quotations! Ever wondered what cats are actually saying when they meow at you at three in the morning for no logical reason? Okay just me… But Stephanie likes the fact that these two are so sweet – they don’t bite or scratch! (Lionel needs to take a note from them)

Shirley and Laverne – Tonicha’s cats


Sometimes the worst happens and sadly these two little balls of snow have passed away but that doesn’t mean they were unconditionally loved! Tonicha grew up with these fluffies around and I can see why they still hold a place in her heart! They always used to be able to sense whenever you were ill and needed cheering up and were great company when you were alone, basically cats are like a second mum when it comes to knowing when you’re ill or just need a cuddle… Super cute!

Koubou, Belle and Suki – Alan’s cats 

How cute are these three? All born in Alan’s house you can see why he adores them! Belle (the white fluff) sits with him most of the time and basically takes over his bed, also shares most of her time with him and is super affectionate. “Like truuuuuuuue family”

Marmite, Milo and Tabitha – Fiona’s cats!

Although these three can be a pain in the backside, they are super cute so we can forgive them right?! Just look how fluffy they are! Besides… could a cat be a cat without it being annoying? At least these three are there when she needs someone to talk to… *cough* I sense crazy cat lady… 😉 (I’m joking, lets face it I’m the one who’s just written nearly 550 words on cats…again!)

Nala – Jamie’s cat 


Nala is adorable and Jamie doesn’t know it but one day she’ll be best buddies with Lionel and all of the other cats mentioned above at my house where I will just live with all the cats!

Can you tell we’re mostly cat people here at WWW.? but look how super fluffy and cute they are! Do you have cats?

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