Dissertation Depression

Dissertations can be incredibly scary and cause so much unnecessary anxiety and stress that really isn’t needed.

Believe me, I know.

I’ve spent a lot of my last week worrying over not being prepared or not being able to finish, okay and a fair amount of other things all dissertation related… then the tears… oh, there was a lot of tears, but it doesn’t have to be this way! I know it’s horrible (I’ve been there before) but I’m still here, so it’s not the end. I promise!

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I’ve put together a few things that are helping me write my masters project, so we can see it through to the end, together.

Break it down, baby steps! 

Everyone said this to me, for like every single essay or project I did, even in school and college and only when I was building my multimedia final major project for my undergraduate degree did I listen. So start with a plan, this will tie so well in with taking a break to procrastinate too! Plan it out and set mini-deadlines to work to and if you feel you can do more that day then do it! It’s as easy as ABC!

Finding that one perfect playlist 

Currently, I’m switching between the Moana soundtrack, the Nerve soundtrack and my own Spotify playlist #109, but that may not suit your work structure, finding a playlist that allows you to concentrate on your work and relax you will work wonders when you need to close off and zone out of everything around you and zone into your work.

Not everyone is the same though! I spoke with our team at WWW. and we found out we range from my upbeat pop/Disney/musical/heavy-rap focus music, to Atifa’s “Whatever I’m in the mood for, depending on what I need to focus on” Lyndsey Sterling style, to Tonicha loving soundtracks and acoustic covers to help her concentrate. With newbie Hayley loving LOTR and Eva needing complete silence to focus, we’re just a few examples as to how everyone is different! This also applies to where you’re working, some people can work in busy coffee shops, others prefer the library and for me, I can’t work where I sleep – must resist temptation of going back to bed!


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Heathy procrastinating 

Like I mentioned before, a good way to procrastinate is to do something productive that will help you focus on your work, so making a plan or a list of everything you need to do, or making a playlist!

I wrote something before about why procrastination isn’t always as bad as people may think! You can find that here!

Moral support; no stress just love 

Added stress is not good, a lot of the time unneeded stress comes from those around us, so somehow we need to block out all of those people who give off negative vibes without completely cutting ties with them. Avoiding arguments also helps with this, try and defuse any that may arise before they have an impact on your work and motivation levels. I’m lucky that everyone around me push me to achieve my best each time rather than putting me down.

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As well as easing any distractions from you work, you need to be motivated when doing your work, otherwise all your hard work wont be as great as you want it to be. Using incentives and things that will motivate you to do your work, such as rewards and things you enjoy. For me, if I wake up unmotivated, I set myself a target to reach that day and then once I’ve hit that target I get to do something I enjoy, either watching a film or tv show (which I’ve put off watching to do my work, even though its 100% what I wanted to do more) or go to the cinema or even go out for dinner with my boyfriend.

These are just a few things you can do to get you through to your deadline, if you can think of any I’ve missed, get in touch! Good luck!