Drug Store vs High End

Source: Pinterest

Take a look at the prices above. As you can see, there is a massive difference in price between “high end” makeup and “drugstore” makeup, however sometimes the difference in quality between the two is not as big as the price difference.

Let’s begin by discussing high end makeup, as it is more expensive you would expect the quality to match it. However, that is not always the truth. There are makeup brands where the quality of the makeup is up to par with the price, for example Urban Decay, which has amazingly pigmented eye shadows and long lasting foundations, but there are also makeup brands where the product you get is overpriced for what you are buying, for example MAC, where the quality is the same as a lipstick from Makeup Revolution costing as low as £1.

So, what is the big fuss around high end makeup? In my personal opinion, it is nice to be able to splurge a bit on more pricey makeup, especially if the quality matches the price tag, however I would definitely look at the reviews of makeup first and test them myself (if possible) before purchasing so that I know what I am getting and whether I think it is worth it to invest so much money into a product.

Moving onto drugstore makeup, it is obviously a much more affordable option for makeup lovers and the quality can be the same as high end makeup, making it a win-win situation. However, there are times where the quality of the makeup product will match the lower price which will have you thinking ‘Why didn’t I save up and invest in a more expensive product?’ For example, cheaper foundations or powders may be less likely to stay on your face for a long period of time without you needing to top it up whereas some high end foundations and powders are designed for that very purpose, making the investment more worthwhile.

However, my budget is more drugstore priced and most of my makeup is drugstore, the majority of which I absolutely love as they perform the same way as a high end makeup product would, for example, the chocolate bar eyeshadow palettes from Makeup Revolution compared to the Too Faced chocolate bar eye shadow palettes, they have a price difference of £7.99 to £39.00 but the quality between the two seem to be nearly identical, with some eye shadows from Too Faced being slightly more pigmented. I will be looking at comparing high end vs drugstore makeup products individually in reviews and getting in swatches for you lovely readers!

So, is high end really worth the price? Overall, it all depends on the product you’re buying, definitely look around, read reviews, try and sample them before you purchase them to make sure you know the product is worth the price and that you definitely want to invest the money before sealing the deal!

That’s me signing out for today, stay beautiful lovelies!

Jamie xo