Customising Your Body: Tattoos

There's the never ending debate on whether it's okay or not to have tattoos in a working environment.
There are many people who believe it's wrong and unprofessional to show your tats while you're working, whether it's retail or A&E. However there are others who think it's okay as long as the tattoos are work friendly and appropriate for the eyes. (So no naked ladies, sorry guys!)

Me? I think tattoos should be allowed a lot more in society, let alone the work place!

Unbelievably, there's still a huge amount of segregation through out the public eye towards people who have tattoos. Some see them as "scruffy" or you're seen to be "sinners". My personal favourite though, is the stereotype that if females have tattoos, they're automatically "lesbians", which is absurd. (So what if you are? It's got nothing to do with them.)

As a female with tattoos (Three and counting..), I think it's disgraceful that people are so quick to judge others just because they wish to customise their bodies with art. At the end of the day, it's their body and it's their mind, so why can't they do what they want?

I understand that some tattoos may not be appropriate for the type of work place that you are in. For example, if you're a paramedic, maybe having a visible tattoo of a skull isn't the best decision…

However that doesn't mean you shouldn't get it at all! Remember there's always cover up make up for tattoos, or if you get inked in a more discreet area of the body – you can cover it easily!

The point I'm trying to make is that you are you. Nobody else could even try to be you, because you're the best version of yourself. If you want tattoos, then you should get them. Whether they portray something sentimental to you, or whether you got it because it was pretty and you liked it – having tattoos doesn't make you inferior. Please remember that, its important!

You are beautiful, even with illustrations on your skin. Individuals who are men, women or any other gender should not be defined by how they decide to decorate their bodies.

(Sorry for the rant haha! As you can see I'm quite passionate about this kinda stuff! Also the photos are actually of my tattoos, the sun one is probably my favourite though! :D)

This is me, signing off!