Could I stop using Facebook?

Hello, first article… scary moment.

But this is a question that’s been plaguing my mind for a while, could I give up Facebook?

I suppose the first question I’m going to be asked is: why would I want to give up Facebook? The answer to this is simple: I don’t actually like it.

This somewhat grates the corners of my mind, because despite not liking the service all that much, it’s the first thing my browser logs me onto, when I’m working and using incognito mode to sign into social media, it’s the first thing I load up, it’s where 80% of my conversations with people happen, it’s my news feed and my events organiser. I’m addicted to a service I consider second class.


What’s wrong with Facebook?!

The biggest issue with Facebook I have is the awful mobile apps, ignoring the huge battery life issues both come with, I find the fact that the Facebook and Facebook Messenger Apps are completely disconnected from one another. When I want to message a friend on Twitter and send a Tweet, I only need to use one application to do this. However, if I want to do the same on Facebook I have to have both Apps installed. Look at all the services on my phone. Only Facebook requires two apps for the same service.

Source: My Phone

A second issue is that put simply, Facebook is noisy. Facebook is often filled with information that I often don’t actually care about. Google Plus in my opinion actually had the best feed system, in which information and posts were posted to groups of people called Circles, which I actually prefer to knowing that my Facebook post is going to be seen by everyone and their mum unless I go through and make a list of who doesn’t see it.

See, look how clean my Twitter is! (Source:

My third and final issue with Facebook is that it’s actually more complicated than it needs to be. Twitter’s character limit might be occasionally frustrating but it keeps the service clean and less noisy. Twitter also you can only post tweets… and there’s only one type of account. Take a moment to look at your Facebook left sidebar: Look at all those groups that don’t matter, all those pages you’ve liked that you’ve never heard from. Then look at your Twitter: nicely organised, all in one place and very user-friendly.

Even when I remove half the text, my Facebook looks so much noisier than my Twitter (Source:

So am I going to give up Facebook?

Now, I say all of this in the complete knowledge that I’m not going to be quitting Facebook on a whim. All my events are organised on it, all my friends talk to me on it and some of the very issues I’ve complained about such as pointless groups and the noise in my news feed are what keeps me so addicted to the platform. But I think it’s good to think about these things, could you survive without Facebook? Could you ditch the big F and live solely on Twitter and other social media? (Ironically) Send us your opinions to our Twitter! @www_writers

I hope you liked my first article, not quite what I was expecting to write about for the start but it’s been interesting me for a while so I thought I’d share. Ciao for now.