I got a 2:2, what do I do?!

So, most of us have graduated or are graduating in the next few months, and so we have got our results back! I hope you all did amazingly, because even reaching the end of university is an amazing achievement! However, I know some of you will be disheartened by your results if you got a 2:2. So what do you do when you’re in this position?

I am in this position myself, due to a few issues here and there, I didn’t achieve what I was originally set out for. However, I am not all that disheartened by it. Of course, I am disappointed by the fact I didn’t achieve that glorified 1st or a 2:1, but I am not sad. This is because I had to remind myself of everything I went through, and how I still managed to reach the end.

However, practically I also reminded myself how I can help myself. Truth is, you can’t mope around forever because you have a 2:2, because this won’t make matters any better! You have to pick yourself up and ask yourself, what’s the next step for me?

So, this is the advice I will give you.

Take some time out and relax!
After a long three years, the last thing you want to do is stress yourself out even more by worrying about what you’re going to do now because you got a 2:2. Breath, relax and take some time out for yourself. Go on a holiday, or even take a year out to travel or do what YOU enjoy. When you’re upset, you tend to make quick decisions which don’t always work out the best and you later find yourself regretting it. You want to avoid this, as I understand that time is precious, so take time out and relax. Relax and clear your mind out, then ask yourself, what do I want to do? Now, I am not telling you that everyone should do this, but for me to relax I quit my job and allowed myself to enjoy my summer for once! This helped me a lot, as it allowed me to find myself and pull myself together so I can actually enjoy my life and figure out what I wanted to do.

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Gain experience
For me, I applied to that Masters I wanted to get into anyway, because I thought, why not? I have nothing to lose. It also enabled me to get feedback from the University to know what I need in order to get in the next time I reapply. As well as this, I applied to loads of volunteering jobs so that even if I don’t get in this year, I can build my experiences and use this as a stepping stone to reapply next year. I also enrolled myself into professional training so that I may use this experience once again as a stepping stone.

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Don’t be disheartened
Just because you didn’t get the classification you wanted it does not mean you won’t get to where you want to. From personal experience of my field of interest, there are several high level Psychologists that didn’t get that 1st or 2:1 to get to where they wanted to. They worked hard, and showed their potential in other manners to get to where they wanted. Undergraduate is tough, it’s a big step from college. There are many things you are trying to balance, and make sense of. Most of you have moved away from your parents for the first time, so you are standing on your own two feet, as well as this you may even be in a completely different city so you are getting used to that too. So don’t worry. It’s okay.

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Apply for Masters
Just because you got a 2:2 does not mean you shouldn’t apply for a masters. I won’t lie, it won’t be as easy to get into it as it may have been if you got a 1st, but it is not impossible. However, I will say this, don’t apply for it straight after! As I mentioned before, take some time out and relax. Think about what you want, and whether it makes you happy or not. Get that experience you need, then apply! This will make you more motivated once you get in, and it will allow you to work so hard, that you will accomplish above and beyond to show you are capable of amazing things.

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Think then apply!
Truth is, some Universities will only look at grades, and that’s it. However, this doesn’t mean you are doomed, you just got to think about the way you apply and who you apply for! Seek out the universities that will be more sympathetic and understand the difficulties, but will also look at what you did in order to gain experience! They are the ones that will help you and be the stepping stone to your career. I would advise that you give universities a call, talk to someone, even talk to a careers adviser! It all helps a lot. Then once you get through to the next stage, talk. Talk, talk and talk some more! Amaze them with your experiences, and how well you are able to reach the full potential they need.


I hope I have made things a little easier for those that got a 2:2 and weren’t entirely happy! I know this reminder is something I needed when I first got my results. I wish you all luck on the rest of your career adventure!