The Different Types Of Annoying Group Chat Members

In this day and age, we have at least one group chat with a couple of friends or family. Within this group chat there is always one (or more) annoying member(s) that just grate on you sometimes. Here are the ones I personally find fit the description of ‘annoying’.

The Over Sharer
They will share every details of their day as a live update, down to the colour of their coffee/tea or how much they love their new soap. Be sure to expect a few pictures and voice notes throughout the day as well!


The Over Dramatic
There is always something that is just pure ‘’OMG GUESS WHAT’’ with this person. If someone even gives them a slightly strange look, they will have to update you with this information so that you know about exactly how RUDE it was and you should agree too!


The Complainer
The person that just whines and moans, bringing down even the best of days to being all dark and gloomy. You could be planning a brilliant day together, and they will quite literally find something wrong with it and put everyone off it completely.


The Barely-There
The person that you have to constantly fill in, and isn’t ever around when you are trying to make plans together!! They barely get themselves involved in the conversations, probably only open the chat to get rid of the notifications, and when you are trying to convey important conversations they will join it at the most awkward times and of course the question of ”what?” will spring up from them a lot. So expect a late congratulations, and a lot of ”what’s going on?” from this person!


The Careless
The one that will change the group chats name/picture, message at stupid o’clock, and spam message. I call this person the careless, because they literally don’t care. They will do something because they find it amusing and/or important, and they will not think about how it may affect the rest of the group. So expect messages at stupid hours with this person, and pictures of that horrible night out you were trying to avoid.


I think sometimes we are all guilty of certain aspects of these types, however I think there is always one person that possesses each type complete 24/7. What do you think? Is there any type that I may have missed out? If so, get in touch!