Riviera (2017)

If I had written this say 6/7 episodes ago, this would be a completely different review.

When I started watching this scenetic ten-part series, I was hooked. I loved the plot line, I loved the twists and the cliffhangers and I loved Iwan Rheon.

Only one of those is still true. (Ramsay 😍)

I’m not saying I hated this series, I’m just saying that the buzz I had at the beginning of the series, certainly wasn’t there at the end. I found the plot line to get a bit fuzzy and lost track of one clear route, trying to put too much in when it wasn’t needed and the ending, was a joke.

I was really let down by the ending of Riviera and I really really REALLY expected more! A twist at the beginning of a second series would be the only thing to do this any justice, unfortunately. Having said that, not everything was bad about the series, Julia Stiles and Lena Olin (two of the main three leading ladies in the series) really drove this series, playing the wife and ex-wife of the art dealer the series rotates around. Their chemistry on the screen adds to the narrative and adds a lot to the twists within episodes.

I thought when I was reading some reviews claiming “Riviera is fine if all you want is the TV equivalent of a computer screensaver” (Spectator) and “This expensive new 10-part series has good actors, good writers, helicopters, car chases and impressive artworks – but somehow the characters never come to life” (The Guardian), how could anyone not love this show as much as I do, and then I watched the rest and I completely agree. It’s impressively expensive looking but it’s lacking something, and I really can’t put my finger on what, having said that, I’m hoping for a second series.