Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)

For this post I am doing something that isn’t really my area of expertise, but I thought I would shake things up a bit. Before we begin, I would just like to say there are a few spoilers in this post, I will try avoid spilling much, but just a heads up! If you don’t like spoilers, then stop right here! I know it’s tempting but stop!

As we all know, Marvel recently managed to get co-ownership of Spider-Man to join the rest of the superheroes from Sony. This was an exciting moment for many Marvel lovers as it meant another character joining into the franchise that is loved by them all.

The movie is set as a geeky school boy (aka Peter Parker), played by Tom Holland, is bitten by a spider and given powers that a normal 15 year old cannot comprehend. Of course, he is excited. More than excited. And (spoiler alert) when he is approached by Tony Stark (aka Iron Man) in the movie Captain America: Civil War he is overwhelmed! He is so excited by his involvement that months after the events he is still patiently waiting for his next ‘mission’. It is clear throughout this movie he is still learning how to deal with different scenarios with the bad guys! Which is natural for a 15 year old, right? Of course!

This aspect is what I really liked about this movie, and probably the reason what made this movie recommendable to me. Most movies have a habit of just forgetting that superheroes were just ‘ordinary’ people to begin with, and had different personalities. They will in turn just suddenly change the individual into a person they were not before gaining their superhero status.

However, in this movie, it doesn’t just suddenly change the character Peter Parker all mature due to becoming Spider-Man, instead it shows him grow and learn from his mistakes. It shows a 15 year old boy grow and learn how best to deal with situations life throws at him. It shows a boys admiration of superheroes moulding his passions, but also showing him it’s not all easy. You see him dealing with the difficulties of balancing his typical high school drama, his aunt May, and his newly founded superhero dilemmas. This is very amusing to watch, and probably also another reason why I enjoyed this movie a lot!

Another aspect of the film I enjoyed was it being taken back to the standard comic book era. Tom Holland shows Peter Parker in the truest form of the comic book style Spider-Man we’ve seen yet, and I think this really adds to the feel of the movie as well as the build up to the bigger Marvel Cinematic Universe! Similar to how the next Thor movie will be, as well as giving a hint to the prior release of Guardians of the Galaxy 2, which had the same comic book presence feel to it.

However, in terms of the ‘action’ I feel like the build up was quite slow in some aspects and when it all finally kicked off it wasn’t that much of a scene. There was something missing, and I feel like it didn’t balance out the slow build up. But then again, it’s a movie about a 15 year old boy facing his first real bad guy scenario on his own, so maybe it is the perfect level? So, I think the only way to determine this is if you watch it yourself! I do recommend this movie, and I wish to hear from you guys too! Check out the trailer below, and hopefully the movie too!

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