Nerve (2016)


Leading my Netflix recommendations is this gem and from talking to a few of my friends it seems like it’s not just me that absolutely loves this film!

Nerve shows players within a game similar to truth or dare, only on a life threatening scale, and with big big BIG rewards! (£££) Following to protagonists Emma Roberts and Dave Franco’s characters Vee and Ian as they play their way through the online game, in which dares are determined by their ‘watchers’… will they complete the game and will their characters become more than friends? There’s a lot more to the screen adaptation of Jeanne Ryan’s novel, of the same name.

For me, it was the soundtrack that was the selling point for me, like a lot of films I rely a lot on the soundtrack being tip top for me to fully enjoy a film, Sing!, Suicide Squad and Guardians of the Galaxy (and its sequel) all also ticked this box for me! Nerve also doubly ticked this box for me, even though the style of music wasn’t something I’d say I’d listened to before but they certainly made my personal Spotify playlist! Have a listen yourself here:

As well as music, visually the film was pretty good, with scenes leaving the audience on edge, concerned for the characters, as well as lighting, it had a good tone too it, making it not too bright and not dark and spooky-like. Pace too was perfect, it didn’t leave me thinking ‘just get to the point’ and didn’t make me have to pause and think just to catch up.

However, I do think this film targets more of a younger audience, as when I watched it again with my parents, they didn’t enjoy it at all, so I think this is because it’s got a lot of modern technologies they weren’t able to connect with on screen. This is the films only fault, that it’s quite niche, but I think that works for its target and purpose.

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