Today is your day

Everyone always has a day when they wake up and feel down, or unmotivated, or are not doing so well due to certain events in their lives. However, no one should feel this way. So, if you are feeling like this today then keep reading.

I hope today you wake up and feel refreshed and amazing, for I hope today is a beautiful day for you. Today remember your strengths and your weaknesses, that make you the amazing person you are today. Today remember all the experiences you have had, whether it be good or bad, because you survived it all. Today you appreciate you, the person you are. The strong, smart, funny, unique person that you are.

So, pick up a new book, watch a new movie, start a new hobby, make a new friend, do something new. Ask that person that you’ve been crushing on out today. Rekindle with old friends that you slowly lost track of. Be selfish today. You can survive on your own two feet. You oversee your happiness. You decide what you want and need.

Today is your day.
The day you have deserved to have far too long.