To Perform or Not to Perform?

Theatre. A form of entertainment originating from Greece, theatre is performed all around the world in a variety of ways. Whether it's Shakespeare or Contemporary theatre, it is enjoyed by many.
Yet there are people that have absolutely no interest in the arts at all.

I personally like Musical Theatre, which in itself gets the regular eye roll from people around me. I don't expect everyone to enjoy the same hobbies as I do, as I understand that everyone is different and in titled to their own opinion. However, I do get the odd comment about how theatre is "Not a career" or "You won't earn much money from that!" So here's a couple of facts as to why you can indeed study theatre and why it's actually a topic society should accept more.

  • Career branches

Just because a friend tells you that they want to do performing Arts in college, doesn't mean that they want to act. You'd be surprised at how many different jobs there are within the industry. You actually don't even have to go on stage at all, if you don't want to. There's things like a Stage Manager, who is in charge of the technical side. They make sure the lighting and sound are in check, and they're the boss of the rest of the Techies. You could even just sell show tickets at the door, and work in Front of House. You really do not have to perform to go into the Performing Arts industry.

  • Confidence

Your confidence can get a huge boost by this career path. Even in the audition process can gain a lot of confidence. You just have to remember that all the people auditioning are in the same boat as you are. You are all nervous and stressed. So smile and say hi to the person next to you, it will be okay. By participating in theatre and gaining confidence, it can help with interviews and other jobs as your communication skills will increase and you'll find it easier to work as a team!

  • Fitness

Your health will stay intact in this career. If you do choose to be a performer, you will be required to attend fitness classes. But don't worry, they're usually a lot of fun and there's a lot of dancing involved. (It also increases your flexibility!) Keeping fit helps to make you a healthier and happier version of you!

  • Friendships

By going into the Performing Arts industry, or even keeping it as a hobby, you will make friends for life. While theatre kids are typically "snobby" or "two-faced", they're actually the most reliable and truthful friends you could have. They are always there to pick you up no matter what.

So these are just a few things I believe should be noticed by society about the Theatre industry. Instead of looking down on the career path, acknowledge that actually, it's pretty darn cool.

This is me, signing off!