Bathbomb; Katch ’em Ball – Prettysuds


I promise this is the last prettysuds product I’ll review for a while! (I just love them too much!) However, this one I just had to have my say on!

The Katch ’em ball is my favourite ever bathbomb! In fact, it’s my favourite bath product ever!

Not only, like most Prettysuds products, does the Katch ’em ball smell incredible, it  makes my skin feel and smell fantastic too. The almond oil in the product leaves the skin soft and full of life, it’s also good for your hair too!


The actual body of the Katch ‘Em Ball is firm and doesn’t crumble in your hands if you hold it. (However, prettysuds sometimes offer broken and damaged products that aren’t as well shaped at a discount price!) and when it hits the water it gives off a bright pink colour! – I find, however, after it leaves a pink rim around the bath that, if left unscrubbed, will stain!


The jellybean fragrance of the bomb really is great! It’s strong and fills the room, and my bathbomb drawer! Costing £3.95 per ball or (usually) 3 for £10 I recommend these bombs with my whole heart! My boyfriend loves them too! – here’s a link so you can buy yourself some! They also make great presents!

Katch 'Em Ball


OH! Yeah! The most important part! Each ball comes with a teeny tiny Pokemon inside for you to keep forever!


Go katch ’em all!