Geneva, Switzerland

So, I decided to do a post that is a little bit different to what I have done so far. I recently went on holiday after what seems like a century, and I just wanted to share the experience with you.

I had the pleasure of visiting Geneva, Switzerland.


This place is genuinely mesmerising. It is a small little city, but has so much culture. The place is so refreshing, and when I say refreshing I am talking about the air, the culture and the people. Everyone in this city if always so happy, and relaxed. They all appreciate the city and what is around them. They are a strong community.

So, let’s start on the attractions. In all honesty, there isn’t much touristy attractions like there are in other places. However, the places they do have are amazing! The main attraction of Geneva is their lake.

These are just some of the beautiful views I took of the lake. What is most popular part of the lake is the jet.

The jet is actually beautiful, both during the day and at night. I loved sitting by it and just relaxing, as it was so refreshing to just sit and listen to the water fall.

There are other lovely areas of Geneva as well, such as their parks. I had ventured down Parc de la Grange, Parc des Bastions and Jardin Anglais (which I have a funny story to tell you about).

Each of these parks are beautiful, and they are HUGE! There is always something happening in them, especially in the nights, where for every night I was there they had some sort of music event happening. It was amazing!

So, like I said, I have a funny story about one of the parks. For those that do not know, Jardin Anglais translates to English Garden. During my time in Geneva I had used a tour train for one of the days. On this train we were given information about all the attractions, like they do on any tours. However, when we went past Jardin Anglais, the only explanation we got for the name was that ” the park is called Jardin Anglais due to the paths not being straight. ”  To this day, I have no idea why that means the park has to be called English Park, and anyone I ask has no explanation either. So, if anyone could answer this, I would be very grateful!

Onto my next attraction. Just on the border of Switzerland and France is a beautiful mountain called Mont Salève, which is technically based in France. It truly was an experience, not because there was a load of things to do, but because of the view. It was amazing to look at, and it was so refreshing to be stood on top.

So yeah, I would definitely recommend Geneva as a place to go relax, but not a place to be all touristy. If you need a few days to get away, this is the place to be! However, I do have a disclaimer. Switzerland is VERY expensive, so I would save up your money before venturing down! As I am not exaggerating when I say you will end up spending a fortune in a matter of a few hours, aha. Other than that, I cannot fault this place. It is beautiful, and I hope to go back soon.


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