GRWM: party time

Every year here we have a big party with all the neighbours. We all come together for a bbq. It’s actually a really casual party, if you wanted to come in your pyjama’s that would be all right too. But if I have a chance to go all out, I won’t let it go. So I went all out, and decided to make a post about it. So here it is, a GRWM blogpost.

The first thing I did was take a shower. I didn’t take a picture of that for obvious reasons…


I decided to go all out, and paint my nails. That’s such an anoying thing for me. I spend hours doing my nails, and even then, it only lasts two days, max. I started with filing my nails. After I pushed my cuticles back, I used the Essence Clean & Start. This product removes all the dirt and grease from your nails. I used the ‘The Gel base coat’, the colour ‘you and me?’ and the ‘The Gel topcoat’ from Essence. At last, I used some Yves Rocher cuticle oil.


Then it was time to go to the fun part: make up! And yes, the dirt on my mirror bothers me too.


I start with the base. As a primer, I used the Nivea MEN sensitive aftershave balm. I bought this a while ago. At first I didn’t like it, because it formed these kind of little scurfs (?). But now I push it in with a sponge and that works really well! My foundation is the NYX mineral foundation. Under my eyes I use the Catrice liquid camouflage concealer, and on my blemisher the Yves Rocher Zéro Défaut.


I do my eyebrows with the darkbrown Catrice eye brow pencil. Then onto the eyes! My eye shadow base has been the same for years, it’s the I Heart Stage eyeshadow base from Essence. For my eyeshadow I used the Naked 2 Basics palette and the NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette in 01. On my waterline, I put the NYC waterproof eyeliner pencil, and my mascara was the Sexy Pulp! from Yves Rocher. To contour, I used the Baked Bronzer in the colour Sungold from BE creative make up. The blush was from the same brand, in the colour Delight. The highlighter I fished out of the drawer was the famous Mary-Lou Manizer form the Balm. And then lastly: the lips, this was a combination of M.A.C. Viva Glam II and Chatterbox.


Then my hair… there’s not a lot to tell about the hair. I put it down, spritsed some CO LAB dry shampoo, and that’s it!


The dress I wore, was from Primark. I bought it two winters ago. It wasn’t warm at all, so I could use some long sleeves. I put in a red belt and wore some red heels.


That was my look!