Bathbomb; Rhubarb and custard – prettysuds

I thought I’d try something new and review something I have far too many of, bathbombs! Starting with one of my favourite brands, Prettysuds!

After finding out they made jellybean scented pokeball bath bombs, Prettysuds quickly became my go to place for everything bath related! With their colours and smells brightening up my life!  Unlike highstreet stores, with Prettysuds you really have to trust their descriptions of the products before you buy and not yet have I been disappointed!


This particular product is the Rubarb and Custard bath bomb and although I’m a little unsure about the final colour of the bath, it really is one of my personal favourites! The smell is sensational and my bathroom still has the fragrance in the room, for hours after the product has gone down the drain!

IMG_8627.JPGTexture of the bathbomb itself isn’t rough and harsh as some bathbombs can be, however it’s not going to fall apart in your hands, hitting the water it lets out the colours into the water, although like I mentioned, the finishing colour result of the colours all mixed into one does leave the water looking a little unwelcoming and a bit bland… but the smell more than makes up for that! IMG_8625.JPG


As for what it does to my skin, there’s no need for moisturiser or after bath products as my skin is left softer and healthier than before! I also have sensitive skin which means I can’t always use harsh products, but these bathbombs I’ve never had a problem with!

The Rubarb and Custard bath bomb has deffo made it onto my top 5 list and is receiving a 4* review from me!


I’m sure more of these will follow! So make sure to let me know what you’d like to know about the product by using the @www_writers twitter! And if you want to write product reviews like this one, get in touch!

*Disclaimer, I wasn’t paid to write this for Prettysuds! (As much as I’d love to be) All views and opinions are my own, and I paid for the product myself, as all our reviews are.*