Simple steps to annoy a psychology student

As a psychology student I have had several questions, statements and ‘jokes’ repeatedly thrown at me that not only I, but several other psychology students, can find slightly annoying (this is a bit of an understatement). So, I thought I would outline some of the things that bug majority of psychology students.

You’re studying psychology? So, can you read my mind?

No. Just no. We cannot read your mind, we study the mind but we are not telepathic. Stop asking us to read your mind. We study what goes on in the brain, the chemical balances, the grey matter etc. We study behaviours and the way your emotional responses affect the way your behaviour. But we do not, and I repeat, do not read minds. Having said that, we do have a power of knowing exactly when a person is going to ask, so be careful, you’ve been warned!!


Are you analysing me right now then?

No, we really aren’t. We are doing what normal people are doing, acknowledging you and deciding whether we like you or not. But if you say something stupid like that again, you will problem end up on the dislike list.


So, you’re studying to become a shrink?

No. Psychology is not just a subject studied to go into the field of becoming a shrink. It is a subject which allows very broad prospects. The course itself allows you to gain skills that can be used in various industries. For example, did you know marketing and HR organisations seek psychology students in most cases? This is because they believe that psychology students have a level of skills that can be transferred onto this job role. Pretty cool, huh?


Can you control my mind?

No, we cannot control your mind. We learn to understand your behaviours and determine how you MAY be feeling and what you MAY be thinking. But we cannot control your mind, nor make you do things out of free will… at least not yet, haha!


So, it’s just a social science then?

This remark tends to come to those studying ‘proper science’, the more traditional, school friendly sciences, such as biology, physics and chemistry students. It’s a remark that can really tip psychology students off onto a raging rampage. Yes, it’s not conventional science, but it is still a science. It uses social observations and biological observations.


So, can you help me with my problems?

Um, no we cannot. At least not now. We are currently trying to sort out our own lives, and figuring out what to do for our next assignment, so please don’t unload onto us in hope we will miraculously solve your problems. There is also the fact that we are not actually qualified to give professional help and advice that will make a difference. So, sorry, but we cannot help you with your problems.



If you guys can think of anymore, please feel free to contact me (@ahteefah) and let me know! I may even do a part 2, as I can almost guarantee there are several others that grate on me.

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