A Graduation Checklist

Graduation week is coming up fast and if you or someone you know is panicking or nervous about preparing for the big day (like meee!) then don’t fret as I have this handy dandy checklist to help make things a little easier!

Date & Time: 

This is a very, very important part of the checklist for all you graduates out there, as every single graduate has a different date and time for their gown collection, registration and ceremony. So make sure you check and check again these details as they are super-duper important! All information regarding your graduation are normally sent to your university email address, (or the one you’ve provided to the university!) so shouldn’t make you too stressed.

Source: Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash


Having your nearest and dearest at your graduation is definitely a must on this checklist and each graduate is guaranteed at least two guest tickets to attend the ceremony with you. This can all be done when you register on your university’s website and you can potentially apply for a maximum of four guest tickets, depending on your institution.

Graduation Gown: 

All graduates will have to go through the process of renting a graduation gown and yes it can be a hassle as you have to measure yourself (especially difficult if you don’t have a tape measure haha), but once again do it as soon as you can and double check when the cut-off date is so your day is as perfect as it should be. (A tip from our graduate editor is to bring some safety pins to keep your gown in place as the stole (the bit on top of the gown) likes to move about a bit, especially if you have short shoulders like hers!)

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Oh pictures, you either love them or you hate them and with such a big occasion there will be a horde of cameras left, right and centre clicking away to snap up those precious memories. If you own a camera or a family member does, make sure to bring it with you so every moment is a picture moment (plus it will also be high quality!). On the day there will also be opportunities to take professional pictures, so be sure to discuss this with your family if you fancy getting these done! Also don’t forget to take loads of photos with your friends, because it’ll probably be a while until you see them again, unlike when you saw them almost everyday at uni, make this moment count with them, you’ve worked hard and you deserve it!

Source: Photo by Camila Cordeiro on Unsplash

An Outfit: 

Of course you want to look dashingly handsome or stunningly beautiful on your graduation day, so make sure you plan and buy your outfit in advance so you won’t be rushing around like a headless chicken a few days before. As you are still technically a student, make use of the student discount in selected stores so you won’t have to splurge too much to get your winning look! Also think about what your family are going to wear, clashing is a thing, so be really careful!

Source: Photo by Gez Xavier Mansfield on Unsplash

To finish off, make sure you enjoy yourself! No matter what this article says, everyone is going to be nervous on the day and that’s natural (I know I will be sweating buckets haha!), but I won’t let my nerves get the better of me and I hope it won’t be a burden on your day either. So hold your head up high, walk with a spring in your step as you’re the star that day and you have definitely earned it!


A big congratulations to all graduates of 2017!