8 Reasons Why I Love Coffee

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My love for coffee extends back years, from the first moment I sipped it I knew that it is my saviour for the days I will be wanting to rip my hair out. So, for the next few moments I will bore you with a list of reasons why coffee is life for me, alongside some sciencey bits too.

It wakes me up. When you wake up the first thing in the morning, 80% of the time you most likely feel like you want to kill someone/something (well I do anyway), and coffee is the saviour that calms you down. Personally, it allows me to wake up and have the energy I will need for the day. This is because the caffeine in coffee increases feel-good dopamine. Caffeine blocks adenosine, gives you the feeling of wanting to sleep.  So, by increasing dopamine and decreasing levels of adenosine everyone has more of a feel-good attitude.

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I love the smell of coffee. The smell of coffee of freshly brewed coffee when you wake up is amazing. To me, the smell of coffee is refreshing, calming and inviting. It makes me feel good, and that I am ready to face the day. I think we have all have had moments where we are immensely stressed out and only half way through the day. It is in these moments that the smell of coffee can motivate me, as I know I can just go and grab a cup of coffee and relax.

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I love the taste of coffee. The taste of coffee is an acquired taste. I understand that not many people love the taste of it, because yes, it can be bitter to most, but to me? It is a lifesaving flavour that I cannot get enough of. The different combinations of coffee allow you to have something new, as  you can add various flavours and have coffee blended in various ways.

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Coffee can make you feel happier. As previously mentioned, the caffeine in the coffee releases dopamine. The consumption of four or more cups of coffee a day is said to be linked to lowering depression. However, dopamine isn’t the only thing that does this. Recently scientists have theorised the correlation may be because of the high levels of antioxidants in coffee. These help to reduce emotional and physical stress.

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It’s a good way to socialise. Drinking coffee is a common known social activity. People often meets friends and friends ‘’over a coffee’’ in order to catch up, or even coffee over an informal meeting for a job prospect. I personally like to meet up with my friends and head down to the coffee houses nearby and catch up with them.

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It helps me to concentrate. A well-known fact about coffee is that an active ingredient is caffeine. The caffeine enables a stimulus-barrier benefit, which means that if you are working in a noisy and chaotic environment then you can lower your sensory sensitivity to distracts and concentrate better.

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It helps to burn fat. Caffeine can boost your metabolic rate between 3 and 10 percent, and has been shown to specifically help burn fat. Have you heard of people drinking black coffee before a workout? Well this is because having coffee before a workout is believed to help your body burn more calories and fat. This also supposed to improve athletic performances.

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It is nutritious. There are also several nutrients in coffee beans such as Vitamin B5, Vitamin B2, Niacin B3, Thiamine B1, potassium and manganese. This isn’t all. It also contains a big amount of antioxidants. Therefore, I don’t just love coffee for the taste, it is healthy too! (Woo!)

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As much as I would love to say you should drink coffee to your hearts content, there is a recommended amount. Dependent on your weight you should drink the following amount.

90 pounds or less, 200 mg of caffeine per day
91 to 128 pounds, 300 mg of caffeine per day
129 to 165 pounds, 400 mg of caffeine per day

So, these are my reasons of loving coffee. For those who love coffee, keep enjoying. For those that don’t, you’re missing out.