I Heart Make-Up, Naked Chocolate

A while ago, I heard that the I Heart Makeup palettes were available in a shop, here in Belgium. I had seen the Chocolate palettes on various blogs, and I wanted them for years. Besides the fact that it looks cute, the colours seemed really pretty too. I had seen the palettes on the racks a few times, but I never got around to buying one (I either didn’t have any money, or I had bought half of the store already). In the end, they were all sold out and I hadn’t seen them in any store since. However, what I never knew was that they were available online.  So, last week I decided to go to a bigger store near me and what did I see there? Jup, the I Heart Makeup palettes!  There we four of the Naked Chocolate palettes in the back of one of the sale racks. For a tiny second, I thought about whether I should buy it or not. Did I really need this? I did already have a lot of make-up…

But a woman can never have too much makeup, right? After that moment of doubt I took the palette and walked to the checkouts. The colours of the Naked Chocolate version have always appealed to me the most… so call it my lucky day!


The palette box looks slightly cheap. But hey, never judge a book by it’s cover!


The palette itself looks really cute. It looks like a semi-melted piece of white chocolate, which looks quite nice in your make-up drawer. Being a Belgian girl, I do quite like a good piece of chocolate. 🙂



There are some gorgeous eye shadow colours when you open the palette, all nudes, browns and pinks. One of the reasons why this palette is my favourite is the cool undertones. The matte colours are alternated with some shimmery ones. The names are also really amusing! I feel like eating a whole bunch of chocolate just by reading them. I think the palette is supposed to smell like chocolate too, but I can’t smell it… But that could just be me.





Sometimes the eye shadows may look pretty, however if the pigmentation isn’t good, it doesn’t execute well. So, time to put this palette to the test! I must say, I was quite impressed with the pigmentation. The golden and brown colour swatch were the best, in my opinion. The matte pink colour is a tiny bit more transparent, but it still looks really good. The shadows felt really soft and of good quality.



They look really good on the eyes too! They blend really well and with a brush the pigmentation is still good.


I paid €9.95 for this palette (that’s roughly about £8.70). You can order this London based palette on the Superdrug website for £7.99.

Eva x.